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ViewHD Capturadora HDMI sin PC 1080p 30fps VHD-HVR y 1×2 Splitter VHD-1X2MN3D Unboxing Review y Test


Os traemos el Unboxing y Review y Testy de la Capturadora HDMI sin PC que graba hasta 1080p 30fps ViewHD VHD-HVR y el Splitter 1×2 HDMI ViewHD VHD-1X2MN3D.

Especificaciones Capturadora:

  • Capture full 1080P HD video (ideal for gaming demo) & screen snap shoot with easy click of a button – no PC necessary
  • Save video & screen photo files to external USB storage device (not included) with FAT32 file system format
  • Support playbacks of video and photo saved in the external USB storage device
  • Comes with output resolution scaler, selectable outputs: 720p, 1080i and 1080P in PAL or NtSC formats for worldwide application
  • HDMI v1.3, support incoming HDMI video format up to 1080P@60Hz; Support HDCP; Does not record HDCP protected content

Fotos Capturadora:

Especificaciones 1×2 Splitter:

  • HDMI 1.3; Support: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P + 3D; Support HDCP
  • In durable metal jacket; includes universal 100V – 240V universal power adapter with US plug
  • EDID Duration: 4 Seconds; This Model Doesn’t Support CEC
  • Max Cable Extension: 10 meters by 28AWG HDMI cable; 15 meters by 26AWG HDMI cable
  • ViewHD One Year Warranty

Fotos 1×2 Splitter:


Si quieres una capturadora hdmi que grabe full hd a 30fps y saque la imagen a 60fps en pantalla o estes buscando un splitter 1×2 hdmi, estos productos de la marca ViewHD son una buena opción y a un buen precio.

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